Hudson River School - Part 2


This site is dedicated to an in-depth exploration of The Hudson River School, America’s first true movement in American art. The school consisted of an ever-evolving fraternity of painters who helped shape the dominant vision of the American landscape from approximately 1825 to 1875. This loose-knit group of artists based in New York, along with several contemporary writers and poets who rose to prominence during the nineteenth century, hoped to define a particularly “American” voice via an intensive artistic and literary exploration of Nature. The Hudson River School celebrated the glorious lands of the Hudson River Valley and beyond, forging a unique vision of the vast potential of a country that was in the process of identifying itself. Read More

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The Hudson River School Part 1: Artistic Pioneers

Ally Chapel | April 15th, 2016 | Posted in News

As producer Vin Tabone approached his first documentary, he decided to explore a subject that’s been near and dear to his heart all his life—the Hudson River School painters. Growing up in upstate New York on the banks of the Hudson River, Tabone spent a great deal of his childhood exploring the streams, tributaries, and rolling hills of the Hudson River Valley.

Read more…

No Boundaries: Important Hudson River School Paintings at Questroyal Fine Art, LLC

Jenny Lyubomudrova | March 14th, 2016 | Posted in News
Thomas Moran, Sunset, Amagansett, 1905

The Hudson River School continues to be celebrated as the first true movement in American art. Read more…

Rediscovering Jervis McEntee: Two Retrospectives Celebrate a 125-year Legacy

Jenny Lyubomudrova | October 7th, 2015 | Posted in Events and Exhibitions
Jervis McEntee, The Yellow Autumn Woods, 1884, oil painting

Jervis McEntee (1828–1891) was a prolific painter who embodied the ideals of the Hudson River School during a time of great social, political, and artistic changes. Read more…

“Jerry Malzahn: American Landscapes”

Lou Salerno | July 23rd, 2015 | Posted in Events and Exhibitions
Malzahn, Catskill Scenery

Tomorrow marks the opening of Questroyal’s inaugural exhibition of contemporary painting featuring the work of Texan artist Jerry Malzahn. Jerry and I first met Read more…

Bierstadt’s Butterflies

Alison Kowalski | April 16th, 2015 | Posted in Essays
Bierstadt Butterfly White House

When I had just started working at Questroyal, I was researching an Albert Bierstadt we owned and came across Read more…