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The Hudson River School Part 1: Artistic Pioneers

Ally Chapel | April 15th, 2016 | Posted in News

As producer Vin Tabone approached his first documentary, he decided to explore a subject that’s been near and dear to his heart all his life—the Hudson River School painters. Growing up in upstate New York on the banks of the Hudson River, Tabone spent a great deal of his childhood exploring the streams, tributaries, and rolling hills of the Hudson River Valley.

As an adult, he continued journeying up the river to Bear Mountain, West Point, and finally to the town of Hudson, New York in the Catskills during visits to an uncle’s home. His love of the incredible landscape surrounding him led him to appreciate the art of the nineteenth-century Hudson River School painters.

The Hudson River School: Artistic Pioneers covers the early history of this important artistic movement and is available on Shop PBS, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Subsequent episodes in the series will explore those who followed the first generation of “artistic pioneers”.HRS banner for emailer

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