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The Boston MFA Celebrates the New Hampshire Landscape with “The Art of the White Mountains”

Chelsea DeLay | July 31st, 2012 | Posted in News

New York has the Catskills and the Adirondacks,  Pennsylvania has the Alleghenies, and the White Mountains belong to New Hampshire.  The Appalachians span a 1,500 mile range of craggy peaks and rolling hills that stretch from the Eastern Canadian provinces all the way down through central Alabama. With a forest floor carpeted by underbrush, twigs, and pine needles, the White Mountains of New Hampshire have bore silent witness to the steady foot traffic of those who have steered the path of American history.  Despite the nameless faces that continue to change as the days, weeks, and years pass, the canvases of America’s greatest landscape painters prove that one thing has remained constant: the rugged terrain of the White Mountains.

To celebrate this star of the New Hampshire landscape, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts is currently exhibiting The Art of the White Mountains, which will run through July 7, 2013.  Located in the Edward and Nancy Roberts Family Gallery in the American Wing, this exhibition of approximately 30 works is a nod to the area as one of America’s leading inspirations in landscape art.  Featuring works by the father of American landscape painting, Thomas Cole, as well as pieces from an A-list selection of the first and second generation Hudson River School artists including Thomas Doughty, Benjamin Champney, George Inness, and Winslow Homer, The Art of the White Mountains shows a fantastic range of American talent.

The wide variety of drawings, paintings, sketches, and photographs exemplify the broad spectrum of artistic interpretation of the region, but not once in this exhibition is the impressive nature of the White Mountains lost in translation.

Winslow Homer, “Artists Sketching in the White Mountains,” 1868, Portland Museum of Art

Chelsea DeLay is a Researcher at Questroyal Fine Art. Chelsea earned her MA in art business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York, and her BA in art history and classical studies. Her interest in American paintings first began while working at an auction house on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and has multiplied exponentially since joining the Questroyal team.